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Forever Sunkissed is proudly owned and operated by Laura. She provides a premium five-star spray tanning experience, to ensure that every client is delighted with both their tanning appointment, and their spray tan results.

Laura can either go to you for a mobile appointment in the privacy and comfort of your home or holiday accommodation, or you can go to Laura. 

Laura only uses luxury solutions, which will result in a beautiful, natural looking sunkissed glow. 

Attention to detail is of priority, she will ensure certain areas of your skin are applied with moisturiser to create the perfect base for your tan. 

Disposables are available, such as hairnets and g-strings, and Laura will ensure your fingernails and toenails are wiped at the end of your tan.

Two light coats of spray tan are applied, rather than just one heavy application. This ensures you feel much more comfortable whilst your solution is developing, and achieves absolutely gorgeous, natural results.

Finishing powder or spray is applied at the end of your spray tan, so you can dress immediately and carry on with your day. No wet and sticky feeling here!


With a portable pop up tent, you can have your tan pretty much anywhere.

There will be no mess, and your privacy is kept at all times.


The solutions used are rapid tans with a wash off time from just 1.5 hours.

It couldn't be more convenient.


$50 per person - Spray tan at Lauras

$80 1 person mobile Spray tan 

$70 per person - 2 people or more, mobile Spray tan

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